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Ceco – Pre-engineered Metal Buildings

Tom Napoli
Ceco Building Systems has been leading the way in the custom designed metal building industry since 1947. Leading the way in attractive, functional, efficient buildings with design innovations like the standing seam metal roof; the use of local materials such as glass, wood and stone; in our “no limits” design concepts, and in cool colors and sustainable materials to save energy and protect the environment.


Affordable square foot cost.  Faster construction time to reduce construction financing costs.  Low maintenance roofs that last up to 40 years with virtually no additional expense.  Easily and economically expandable.


Virtually every member of our custom designed metal building is manufactured from sustainable products – primarily steel that has been or may be recycled with virtually no impact on the environment. Plus, our cool color exterior panels provide the reflectivity and emissivity to keep energy bills in check.


From 200-foot wide clear spans to multi-story structures, Ceco’s engineers work with Napoli Construction’s architects and designers to provide the custom structure to suit your needs. Our virtually no- maintenance roof systems have a low life-cycle cost in additional to a comparatively low initial investment. And, your option to use local materials allows you to create the aesthetically pleasing building that is a reflection of you and your company. A Ceco building is a statement of your success and where you are going.

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